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David Cowley ; oboist

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David Cowley; principal oboe BBC National Orchestra of Wales

"Both David Cowley and Bryan Evans excel themselves throughout this delightful and enterprising CD" (French Music for Oboe and Piano) Musician June 2004

"David Cowley is a deft soloist in the elegant and approachable 1989 (Mathias) Concerto for oboe and strings" Gramophone June 2004

"In Elliot Carter's Oboe Concerto ... the virtuosic writing realised in an unassuming but highly expressive style by oboist David Cowley." Guardian Sept 15th 2004

"Elliot Carter's Oboe Concerto opened up a very different but often beautiful soundscape. Played with heroic control by David Cowley, the oboe launches the argument right at the beginning tracing a lonely line from which everything else flows." The Times 10th Sept 2004

"Llewellyn, Cowley, the orchestra, engineers achieving that kind of resplendent and crystalline transparency of ambience that is so perfectly suited to the magically enraptured world Mathias, the sonic conjuror, brings into being... Not to be missed by anybody!!!" Fanfare (USA)

"a very persuasive soloist" Guardian 2nd May 2006

"The sheer musical unity...is breathtaking" Double Reed News

"Beautifully and tenderly phrased"  CD Review

"Fine playing"  Classic CD

"Highly gifted"  Musical Opinion

"Very persuasive soloist"  Gramophone

"Lovely oboe playing"  Gramophone

"Elegant rendition..phenomenal breath control"  Manchester Evening News

"..versatility, dexterity and tonal finesse."  Daily Telegraph

"..a fine oboist, David Cowley, who proved himself a thorough musician. Bryan Evans was impeccable; I do not use the word lightly"  Financial Times

"..blossomed and sang with Cowley's sonorous rhapsodic approach. Bryan Evans accompanied expertly"  The Times

"..moments of great beauty in the adagio..the oboist's technical powers brilliantly displayed"  Daily Telegraph

"David Cowley played with warmly distinctive tone and seductively supple phrasing"  The Guardian

"David Cowley displayed masterly powers"  Classical Music

"Rhythmic alertness and gentle well-varied tone..arched phrases and attractive sound"  The Times

David Cowley, biography oboe concertos oboe recitals oboe recordings reviews concert diary and contact details Home Page

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